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2023-24 Men's Basketball Schedule Announced

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

WALTERBORO, S.C. – USC Salkehatchie men's basketball is back! Coach Matt Lynch released the 2023 - 24 schedule featuring 30 games, with 18 of those contests being played at home in the "Salk Palace."

"We are really excited about the opportunity to play 18 home games in front of our fans," Lynch said. "We have the best game day atmosphere in Region 10, and that is in large thanks to the community of Walterboro. We are a young team, with 14 freshman, and so we wanted to try and set up a non-conference schedule that will challenge us early and give us an opportunity to learn what it takes to win consistently."

Who's on Salk's non-conference schedule?

On Nov. 10 and 11, USC Salkehatchie will travel to Daytona, Florida where they will square off against Palm Beach State on Friday and Dayton State, one of last season's best teams, on Saturday. Daytona State finished the season 27-4 and was the regular season conference champion for Region 8. USC Salkehatchie will also renew its rivalry with East Georgia State and former USC Salkehatchie Head Coach Travis Garrett.

The non-conference schedule is listed below:

  • Nov. 1 Chowan at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Nov. 4 Franklin Prep at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Nov. 8 Francis Marion at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Nov. 10 Salk vs Palm Beach State at Daytona State, 5:30 p.m. (N)

  • Nov. 11 Salk at Daytona State, 4:00 p.m. (A)

  • Nov. 15 Salk at East GA St, 7 p.m. (A)

  • Nov. 21 Gordon St at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Nov. 28 Columbia International at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Dec. 7 East GA St at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Dec. 13 Hosanna College at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Dec. 19 South GA Tech at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Jan 2 Franklin Prep at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Jan 9 Salk at Gordon State, 5 p.m. (A)

  • Feb 16 ASA Prep at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

Region 10 Action!

The Salkehatchie men's basketball team will play 16 conference games with a 50/50 split of home vs away. Conference action will kick off early this year with Salkehatchie making the northern swing to Richard Bland on Dec. 2 and new Region 10 member Wake Tech on Dec. 3. The team will conclude the 2023-24 regular season with a four game home stand that includes Wake Tech, Gaston, Caldwell, and Denmark.

The entire conference schedule is listed below:

  • Dec. 2 Salk at Richard Bland, 3 p.m. (A)

  • Dec. 3 Salk at Wake Tech, 2 p.m. (A)

  • Jan. 6 Brunswick at Salk, 3 p.m. (H)

  • Jan. 13 Cape Fear at Salk, 3 p.m. (H)

  • Jan. 19 Richard Bland at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Jan 22 Salk at Gaston, 8 p.m. (A)

  • Jan 27 Salk at Caldwell Tech, 2 p.m. (A)

  • Jan 31 SMC at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Feb. 6 Salk at Denmark, 7 p.m. (A)

  • Feb. 10 Salk at Cape Fear, 3 p.m. (A)

  • Feb. 11 Salk at Brunswick, 3 p.m. (A)

  • Feb. 20 Salk at SMC, 7 p.m. (A)

  • Feb. 24 Wake Tech at Salk, 3 p.m. (H)

  • Feb. 28 Gaston at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

  • Mar. 2 Caldwell Tech at Salk 2 p.m. (H)

  • Mar. 6 Denmark at Salk, 7 p.m. (H)

Ball is Back in the Boro!

Revamping the men's basketball program has been a "Team Salk" effort.

“Coach Lynch has recruited an impressive group of young men to represent USC Salkehatchie on and off the court. I’m excited to witness the team’s growth and progress and look forward to a successful season," said Dean April Cone.

Additionally, athletic director and head men's baseball coach Jeremy Joye has worked extremely hard to ensure men's basketball returned to the hardwood.

“I know that I, for one, am thrilled to have our men’s program hitting the court at the Salk Palace again this season. I am excited to see the work that Coach Lynch and the team are putting in paying off," Joye said.

Assistant athletic director and head volleyball coach Dani Aquino added that "having the men’s basketball team on campus has been like a breath of fresh air, breathing new life into our Salk family. I cannot wait to see them on that court!”

Information on booster club passes and season ticket sales will be available soon.

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